NHC Director Bill Read and Hurricane Hunters to Be Featured Speakers at IHPA Hurricane Season 2010

Apr 28,2010 – Lantana, FL, April 28, 2010 — The International Hurricane Protection Association (IHPA), has announced that its Hurricane Season 2010 Kick Off Meeting of May 21, 2010 will feature Bill Read, Director of the National Hurricane Center, as keynote speaker.

The event, which will take place at Shula’s Hotel and Golf Club in Miami Lakes, will begin with a Legal Issues Seminar presented by Jay Steven Levine, JSL Law Group. NHC Director, Bill Read will speak at the luncheon meeting and a presentation by Jack Parrish, Flight Director with the Hurricane Hunters will follow. The day will conclude with a reception and displays of approved hurricane protection products.

The meeting is open to all interested individuals and organizations involved in hurricane protection and related fields. Registration is required. Visit www.inthpa.com or call (561) 282-2395 for more information.

About the International Hurricane Protection Association:
The IHPA is a non-profit organization with a membership that includes manufacturers, suppliers, contractors and government agencies providing quality hurricane protection systems, information, and education to insure the publics’ welfare and safety, therefore minimizing the loss of life and the destruction of property associated with hurricanes. For more information, go to their website at www.inthpa.com.

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