An Important NEWS Item From Your Board of Directors

As of Wednesday, February 17th Frank Browning resigned as president of the IHPA. Frank has served as President for the past three years. Recently, Frank left his position at Wayne-Dalton to take on a new role with Global Protection Products (GPP). Due to a conflict with the IHPA by-laws, which only allows one vote per member and due to the fact that GPP already has a member on the Board of Directors, Frank has made the decision to resign his position as president effective immediately. Tim Robinson was nominated and approved by the Board of Directors to serve as President for the remainder of this term (2015-2017). Tim has served as Vice President for the past year and was the Secretary during Franks’ first two years as President. Frank was appointed into the position of Immediate Past President.

The Board of Directors would like to Thank Frank for his service as President and as a dedicated IHPA board member. We wish him the best on his new position at Global Protection Products!

This has created a vacant seat for a manufacturer on the Board of Directors. Any interested manufacturer members should contact Kerri Caldwell at or call 844-516-4472.

The Board of Directors are excited about the current state and future of the association. The IHPA continues to strive to move the association in the right direction. We will continue to move forward in the area of education and the expansion of our educational opportunities into to other coastal areas of the country.

The next IHPA meeting will be held in Myrtle Beach, SC on May 4th. More information to follow..